How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis – My Experience

How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis – My Experience

plantar fasciitis socksNot long ago I developed a painful foot condition that turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis. I think it was all the Fitbit challenges I was participating in, walking 20,000-30,000 steps daily. I’m not good at warming up or doing any stretches, which doesn’t help. My heels began to hurt with every step.

Of course I wasn’t going to stop stepping. I had a weight loss goal that required daily exercise, unless I was willing to stop eating the foods I enjoyed. That was NOT an option so I had to find a way to fix it. Quickly.

I found some YouTube videos and products, most giving you exercises to do. Kinda boring, but I did learn to do a plantar stretch before getting out of bed and that helped.

But just like everything else in life, the best solutions are those that don’t require you to do something too new or foreign. So I had to find a simple solution that would easily fit into my schedule.

That’s when I came up with my $20 cure for plantar fasciitis. It’s very low tech and easy to do. Ready?

What You’ll Need

You need 2 things — a pair of socks and frozen water bottles. But not just any pair of socks…
  1. These socks are like magic. Don’t ask me why or how they work. All I know is, they helped to minimize the pain enough for me to power through and keep walking. That seems to be the best way to cure plantar fasciitis, but hard to do if you’re in pain with every step. I wore these socks every time I walked, and continued to average 25,000 steps daily. After about 6 weeks, I forgot why I was wearing them and realized that the pain was totally gone.
  2. Two (2) frozen water bottles (16 oz) — keep them in the freezer, then whenever you’re sitting around watching tv or whatever, roll them back and forth on the floor with your foot. This both stretches and ices the plantar at the same time, which helps to reduce swelling.
That’s it! Low tech, simple and cheap. Best of all, it works.