Sharon’s Holiday Survival Guide

Sharon’s Holiday Survival Guide

Well, here we are, in the thick of the holiday season … pun intended. Yes, if we’re not careful, come January 1st, extra “thick” is what we will be!

Sharon is here to whisper in your ear: Do NOT let the holidays derail you! (And I need to hear it as much as you do, believe me!)

During the holiday season there are always parties and events just waiting to knock you off your lifestyle eating plan. It’s so easy to pop that bit of deliciousness into your mouth and think, “Why not? It’s the holidays. I’ll work it off in January.”

Don’t do it!

We all know that excess pounds don’t disappear along with the holiday decorations. And nobody wants to start a new year off that way.

I’ve gone through a couple holiday seasons since starting my 90 pound weight loss journey on February 1, 2016. Here’s what I’ve learned about surviving the holidays with your waistline intact.

  1. Eat (and exercise) BEFORE Going to a Gathering. Don’t go hungry. If you’re bringing a dish, at least you know there will be something good to eat and what’s in it. But it’s still best to eat something small and healthy before you go. At the holiday gathering, take a few minutes to carefully look over your food choices. Pick and choose wisely. Spend your calories on food that you really love. Oh, and if you exercise early in the day, that gives you even more leeway! Truth…
  2. Holiday Stress IS A Thing. Holidays can be stressful for so many reasons: having to buy gifts, being around family, decorating, food temptations, and traveling. Further, if traveling, our normal routines are interrupted as far as meals and exercise. This can be quite stressful. Try to anticipate stressful situations ahead of time, then make a plan for how you will handle them. Recognize that things will happen, and take steps to head them off BEFORE they derail your eating plan.
  3. Everybody Gains Weight During the Holidays” … I call B.S. Don’t give into the “everybody gains weight during the holidays” nonsense. That is simply not true. And even if it is for somebody, it doesn’t have to be true for you. Besides, if you start the holidays thinking that, it might become a self fullfilling phophecy and you’ll end up doing just that. You’re in control, nobody else.
  4. Try to Maintain, Not Gain. It can be tough to lose weight during the holidays. Maybe that shouldn’t even be your goal. It’s your lifestyle, you get to decide if you have some leeway during the holidays. Just remember … the holidays are really about family, friends, and our traditions – not food. If you do gain a pound or two, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep exercising and don’t let things get out of hand.

Bottom line: stay the course no matter what! Keep food logging, keep exercising, even during the holidays. No … especially during the holidays! Keep weight training, even when you don’t feel like it. Maintain the vision. The vision will pull you forward…

That’s it for today. Feliz Navidad!