Treadmill Desk Update

Treadmill Desk Update

Thought I’d start the new year with a treadmill desk update. It’s been 2 years and 3 months since I created my treadmill desk by placing the leaf from our dining room table over the rails of a Smooth Fitness treadmill. Started walking very slowly, worked my way up to 1.8 mph at Level 11 incline (out of 15).

I walk an average of 5-6 miles per day over 3-4 hours. It has become a habit … I step on it and start my day. No thought required, just do it. Now I understand the Nike slogan.

Yes, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, 58 pounds. Never felt better and have been told I look that way.

If you work at home and have struggled to lose weight, try the treadmill desk. I struggled with weight all of my life and this by far has been the easiest way I’ve found to lose weight and keep it off. I can’t imagine life without it.

Want to see it in action? See the Primetime 20/20 video interview (about 24 seconds long):